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We make Website that:

Looks Good | Feels Good | Works Good

Website encompasses a strong digital presence for any business. The social world has shifted from a place of interpersonal connections to internet connections, so has the world of business. For you to generate more business, your voice needs to be heard, your brand needs to be seen, and your goals need to be reached.

When potential customers come looking for you online, how do you want the first interaction of your brand to be? It sure should be nonpareil. Here at Re-enact, we dedicate ourselves in providing you with unparalleled services. Developing a well-designed, professional looking website will get your foot in the door of the online market, and give you a wide base from which to build your clientele.

Your website is your virtual identity. There is so much that you can do with a website! A website is an integral component of your organization’s marketing strategy. An effective website interface must be effortless yet engaging.

At Re-enact, we help you create a website that caters to your specific objective and suits your customers needs simultaneously. We work right from ideation to execution and maintenance of your website. Additionally, with website development you can:

  • Communicate with your visitors effectively

  • Improve your connectivity

  • Prove your reliability

To make yours an efficient website, the following factors are essential and considered:

Color Palette:
Colours are an important marketing tool since they carry an emotional resonance. The colour choices you make not only reflect the message you want to share but also makes an appealing composition. The correct colour choices attract the visitor & also ensure their longevity, & we focus on the same.

Typography in design is an important choice to convey a message clearly. We keep in mind the needs and limitations of our target audience and accordingly choose a suitable typeface which is not just legible but aesthetically pleasing.

Our brain interprets any message faster and with more accuracy when images are used instead of words, but we ensure that only relevant and eye catching pictures are included which can justify its presence on the website.

A good design should be justified with lucid and handy navigation controls. A website with great design but poor navigation will result in poor traffic and poor search engine rankings.

Visual Hierarchy:

People always favour the order because it makes things more comprehensible. The same works with user interfaces of digital products. When UI elements are organized and structured, people can easily use an app or a website and feel satisfied with a product.

Visual Hierarchy
Visual Hierarchy

F’ Pattern:
Studies have proved that our eye looks at the computer/mobile screen in F’ Pattern. We like to read from Left to Right and from Top to Bottom. We ensure usage of such theories in the website to help hold the attention of the visitor and engage him.

User Experience:
User experience is the everlasting impression that the visitors take back after they have visited your website and which is the core purpose of designing a website. We focus on synchronising all of the above factors to provide your customers’ an enjoyable experience and satisfaction.